SCR-24 Precise Approach Radar (PAR)

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The SCR-24 Precise Approach Radar is designed to lead the precision approach guidance for aircrafts. Its detection range is beyond 25km and height coverage is over 3000m for aircrafts.


Technical Features:
    ● Two 1-dimensional phased array antennas respectively for horizontal and vertical scanning coverage.
    ● Fully coherent and full-solid-state distributed (TR Module) transmitters.
    ● High anti-interference and survival ability.
    ● High anti-weather interference (by means of circular polarization).
    ● Advanced signal processing techniques, such as digital pulse compression, MTD, SCD, coherent integration, CFAR, etc.
    ● Advanced digitalized radar terminal, covering real-time target extraction, automatic tracking, and display, as well as data

       restore, data transmission, data re-display, operation control and fault indication, etc.
    ● High reliability.


Main Performance Specification:
Frequency range: 9.0~9.2GHz
Detection range: (Pd=0.9, Pfa=10-6 , σ=2m2 , SW-I target)
     Range: 25km
     Height: 3000m
     Heading coverage: 30°(±15°) 
     Sliding coverage: -1°~ 9°
Measurement accuracy (r.m.s, Pd=0.85): 
     Range: 30m
     Heading: 0.2°
     Sliding: 0.1°
Resolution: (Pd=0.8)
     Range: 60m
     Heading: 1.2°
     Sliding: 0.6°
      Type: Two-dimensional linear phased array
      Gain: 32dB (heading antenna, gliding antenna)
      Heading scanning antenna: Horizontal width: 1.2°
                                            Vertical width: 10°
      Sliding scanning antenna: Horizontal width: 30°
                                          Vertical width: 0.6°
Pulse width: LFM 50μs
The signal processing modes: 16plot AMTD
Target processing capacity: 
       Plot processing 250plot/s 
      Track processing 10batch/s
      (PAR mode)
Reliability: MTBCF≥30000h
Availability: ≥0.999