SCR-21 Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR)

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The SCR-21 S-band PSR is designed as an unattended Airport Surveillance Radar with high reliability. Its detection range is beyond 130km for civil and military aircrafts below the height of 12000m.


Technical Features:

    ● Extra cosecant squared pattern antenna with high gain, low side-lobe, and sharp cut-off of beam lower edge is

       produced, upper/lower beam and linear/circular polarization are selectable.

    ● Full-solid-state multi-channel technique and fail softening design are adopted in the transmitter.

    ● The frequency diversity operation mode is used to avoid the interference between wide and narrow pulses,

       suppress secondary echo of the target effectively, and lower the signal and target loss due to target signal fluctuation.

    ● Large dynamic range digital receiver with RF adaptive sensitivity time control (STC).

    ● 100:1 high compression ratio due to non-linear frequency modulation digital pulse compression function.

    ● AMTD processing is adopted in the signal / data processor to optimize detection output.

    ● Independent weather channel is designed to monitor the weather situation within 130km and realize 6 class

       meteorological contours output.

    ● System redundant structure and seamless switch design are adopted..

    ● Comprehensive BIT design is adopted to locate fault to LRU.
    ● Remote fault diagnosis and performance monitoring function are adopted to for unattended operation.


Main Performance Specification:

Frequency range: 2700~2900MHz

Detection range: (Pd=0.8, Pfa=10-6, σ=2m2, SW-I target)

Range: 130km/70nm

Height: 12000m

Azimuth: 360°

Elevation: 0~40°

Measurement accuracy (r.m.s)

Range: 100m

Azimuth: 0.25°

Resolution: (Pd=0.8)

Range: 200m

Azimuth: 1.5°


Gain: Low beam of 34dB, high beam of 32dB

Beam width: 1.45°

Side-lobe level: -26dB

Polarization: Selectable linear /

Circular polarization

Beam form:

Cosecant squared pattern, high/low

Beam with independent weather channel.

Antenna speed: 7.5/15rpm

Peak power: 15kw (8 module)

Pulse modulation mode: NLFM / LFM

Signal processing mode: AMTD

Target processing capability:

Plot processing: 10000plot/frame,

Track processing: 1000batch/frame

Meteorological contour map: 6 class

Reliability: MTBCF≥30000h

Availability: ≥0.99998