JY-19 X-band Dual-polarization Weather Radar

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JY-19 X-band Dual-polarization Weather Radar




JY-19 radar is a kind of X-band dual-polarization Doppler weather radar which can perform weather evaluation and analysis by alternatively transmitting and receiving the electromagnetic waves in both horizontal and vertical linear polarization modes, JY-19 radar will mainly detects such weather parameters in precipitation system as horizontal reflectivity, radial velocity, velocity spectrum width, difference reflectivity factor, difference propagation phase shift, correlation coefficient and linear depolarization ratio of zero-delay horizontal/vertical polarized waves.

JY-19 radar can identify the shape, size, pointing, phase status and drop spectrum distribution of precipitation partials, for example, hail, rain, snow, haze and so on through analysis and inverse deduction of these parameters, hereby providing basis for weather modification and hail prevention operation, it is also possible to increase quantificational measurement accuracy of precipitation such as rainfall rate and hail percentage. This radar can be applied to the study and operational observation of process of disaster weather (e.g. rainstorm, typhoon hails, etc).


Technical Features

· Low sidelobe and low cross polarization level antenna.

· High-performance waveguide joint polarization switch.

· Dual-channel receiver with good amplitude-phase consistency.

· High-accuracy signal processor.

. High-speed data processing ability.

· Automatic calibration and advanced BITE.

· Rich polarized weather products.



Main Performance Specification:




Detection range

250km (Intensity)

150km (velocity, spectrum width and polarized parameters)

Azimuth scope


Elevation scope


Height measurement


Parameter measurement scope

Intensity: -10+70dBz

Velocity: ±24m/s (150km); ±48m/s (75km)

Spectrum width: 016m/s

Parameter measurement accuracy (RMS)

Range (point target)150m

Azimuth (point target)≤0.15°

Elevation (point target)≤0.15°

Height (point target):


Reflectivity factor: 1dB

Radial velocity:1m/s

Velocity spectrum width:1m/s

Difference reflectivity factor ZDR: 0.6dB

Linear depolarization ratio: 0.6dB

Correlation coefficient of zero-delay horizontal/vertical polarized waves ρHV: 0.01

Difference propagation phase shift φDP: 0.2°/km



Azimuth: 1.0°(beam width)

Elevation: 1.0°(beam width)

Intensity: 0.2dBZ


Spectrum width:0.5m/s

Power supply

Mains or generator, AC 220V±10%50 Hz±2Hz

Power consumption


Reliability and maintainability

MTBF≥400h; MTTR≤0.5h

Environmental acceptance

Outdoor equipment:

Temperature:-40+50, RH: 95%98% (at30℃)

Indoor equipment:

Temperature:0+40, RH: 90%96% (at30℃)



Wind resistance

Wind velocity ≤20m/s (without ice), or wind velocity ≤14m/s (with1cmice thickness), normal operation;

Wind velocity35m/s (without ice), or wind velocity ≤20m/s (with1cmice thickness), no permanent damage.

Operation mode

With 24-hour continuous operation ability