X Band Rainfall Statistic Radar

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IF Coherent X-Band Doppler Rainfall Statistic Radar

Rainfall statistic radar adopts IF coherent pulse Doppler system, its operating frequency is X-band, and its emission peak power ≥ 50kW. The radar can complete land-match sweep, vertical point detection, it can also measure quantitatively meteorological targets intensity, mean radial velocity, spectral width and vertical power spectrum within 36km range. This kind of radar is able to measure accurately high resolution grid rainfall of the catchment (or city).


Technical Features 
· Obtain a gridded rainfall field of resolution 60 * 60m2, which is better than the actual level of similar products in

  domestic and abroad.
· Achieve the spatial seamless coverage detection in the range of 36km radius, Improve the accuracy and

  consistency of rainfall monitoring data.
· In addition to general conventional detection methods of weather radar, the rainfall radar can also use the

  detection mode of "vertical pointing and land-match", the detection results are close to the rainfall situation.

  in the actual ground, which will provide reliable data to support real-time and accurate measurement of rainfall.
· Automatic monitoring, automatic alarm and remote control functions, ensuring continuous and automatic

  unattended operation of the system.
· Fixed or vehicle-mounted, adapting to the daily precipitation monitoring operations and field monitoring.


Main Performance Specification:


Work system, frequency

The x-band doppler frequency coherent 9370±20MHz

Antenna aperture


Pulse peak power


Pulse width


Pulse repetition frequency

400 Hz2000 Hz

Distance resolution

60m(intensity, velocity, spectral width)

Ground clutter rejection ratio


Boot time


Power supply and power consumption of the whole machine

Power supply


power consumption


Continuous working time

24h continuous work

Total weight

≤ 100Kg (Excluding mounting base)