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SCRMP-01 Conventional Millimeter Wave Dual-Polarization Cloud Measuring Radar

SCRMP-01 conventional millimeter wave dual-polarization measuring cloud radar can detect weather targets of small drops, even a few microns in diameter, in addition to providing cloud echo intensity, it can also provide further information of the cloud echo depolarization ratio to supply with the spatial distribution of clouds, cloud height, cloud thickness, cloud phase (ice phase, aqueous phase, mixed phase) and other information, the radar is the ideal tool to study microphysical formation and development processes of cloud and precipitation. Applying to airports, ports, weather, atmospheric physics research departments, it detects clouds detection and close distance precipitation detection.


Technical Features
· High gain, low side lobe parabolic antenna
· Fixed polarized emission, orthogonal dual polarization receiving simultaneously
· Narrow pulse modulator, power magnetron transmitter
· High stability modular receiver , high-speed signal processor based on FPGA
· Transceiver unit and antenna synchronous rotation, realizing antenna whole-space scanning without rotating joints 
· Antenna positioning calibration using solar noise , target angle positioning is more accurate


 Main Performance Specification:



Operating frequency


Detection distance


Intensity measuring range


Linear depolarization ratio measurement range


Antenna scanning

0360°in azimuth 090°in elevation

Antenna form

Feed forward round paraboloid, 1.5m diameter

Antenna gain


Beam width



Transmitting 45°slash polarizationrecieving echo signals 45°/135°slash polarization component synchronously

Transmit power

≥20kWPulse power

Pulse width


Repetition frequency


Receiver noise figure


Signal processing library length


Output products

Cloud reflectivity, linear depolarization ratio