SCR-27 Tactical Multifunction Airport Surveillance Radar System

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The SCR-27 Tactical multi-functional airport surveillance radar system is based on ATC emergency needs of altitude up blind, airport airspace emergency surveillance, natural disasters. It is a tactical ATC radar system with the characters such as high mobility, highly reliability, multi-fuctional, intelligent, high data rate, and the high-mobility multi-purpose ATC platform which surveillance for low-altitude and airport airspace. 
The system is a combination of form PSR and SSR, using active surveillance of PSR and collaborative surveillance of SSR, access to the target point and track information of multi-sensor, at the same time, it obtained the air distribution of precipitation information through the weather channel of PSR. The system integrates with ATC system, and gathers a variety of information sources to complete the air target surveillance and emergency air traffic management, and avoid the dangerous weather area to guide aircraft landing and take-off safely. 


Technical Features:
● The fusion of PSR, SSR data and integration with the ATC system.
● Highly integrated self-tactical design.
● Radar vehicle has the abilities of high auto-installation, auto-removal and automatic calibration technology. 
● The antenna of PSR & SSR is made of carbon fiber and lightweight, fast folding.   
● PSR antenna uses high and low beams, wire circular polarization alternative technology to produce high-gain, low side-lobe,

   sharp cut-off of beam lower edge.
● PSR transmitter is with all-solid-state, multi-channel technology and faults soften design, in the case of a component fails,

   the system can still perform basic detection mission.
● PSR has RF adaptive time sensitivity control of large dynamic digital receivers.
● PSR has the function of 100:1 high compression ratio NLFM digital pulse compression.
● PSR signal processing uses AMTD to achieve optimal detection output.
● PSR has the independent weather channel; it can monitor within 90km range of weather conditions around the airport and

   achieve level 6 meteorological contour output.
● PSR is a dual-system redundant architecture, seamless subsystem switching design; even faulty device occurs in double sets,

   the device is still possible to automatically achieve a new combination of channel.
● PSR is the perfect BIT design; fault detection can be located to an online replaceable unit.
● SSR is single-pulse technique, with basic S mode features, and set aside ground data link interface.
● SSR is dual-system redundant architecture to guarantee 24 hours and all weather operations.
● SSR uses solid-state transmitters, receivers and other advanced digital technology.
● SSR receiving channel amplitude and phase coherence correction use digital mode.
● SSR uses ISLS, RSLS, PPC, TVBC, anti narrow pulse technology, effectively suppress all kinds of interference.
● SSR replaces channel transmitter system, increases the data link processing unit, can be extended to SSR of enhanced full

   Mode S.
● With the perfect extensive BITE function, SSR can do fault diagnosis in case of online or offline, fault location to the main

   function modules.
● Integration of ATC systems and scheduling seats, it can be performed independently ATC scheduled tasks under special

● Option of substation or UPS systems, it can be carried out in the absence of commercial electricity supply.


Main Performance Specification:
Frequency range: 2700~2900MHz
Detection range: (Pd=0.8,Pfa=10-6,σ=2m2,SW-I target)

Distance: 90km
Height coverage: 12000m
Azimuth: 360°
Elevation: 0°~40°
Measuring accuracy (r.m.s):
        Distance: 100m
        Azimuth: 0.25°
Resolution: (Pd=0.8)
Distance: 200m
        Azimuth: 1.5°
         Gain: Low beam 34dB, High beam 32dB.
         Beam width: 1.45°
         Sidelobe level: -25dB
         Polarization form: Linear / Circular polarization variable
         Beam form: Cosecant squared shape, high / low beam, and independent weather channel
         Antenna speed: 15/12rpm
Peak power: 8kW
Pulse width: NLFM 100μs
Signal processing mode: 5/4 pulse AMTD
Target processing capability: Point trace processing 10000/frame, Track processing 1000/ frame.
Meteorological contour map: level 6
Reliability: MTBCF≥30000 hours
Availability: ≥0.99998
Operating Frequency: emission 1030MHz±0.01MHz, receiving 1090MHz±3MHz
System: single-pulse
Operating mode: 1, 2, 3 / A, B, C, D, level two S mode function
Detection range: (Pd=80%)
        Distance: 250km
        Azimuth: 360°
        Elevation: 0°~45°
        Height: 16000m
        Min detection distance: ≤900m
Accuracy (r.m.s):
        Distance: 29m
        Azimuth: 0.05°
Resolution (r.m.s):
        Distance: 75m
        Azimuth: 0.5°
Anti- asynchronous crosstalk density: 10000 fruits/s
Detection probability: ≥99%
False alarm rate: 1/frame
Decoding efficiency rate: ≥99%
Anti-interference ability: Receiving side-lobe suppression and interrogating side-lobe suppression 
                                  Adaptive anti-crosstalk interference and other station answering interference
                                  The ability to suppress the reflection false targets
Data rate: Maximum 15 rev/min
Data processing: 900/frame
Reliability: MTBCF≥30000 hours
Availability: ≥0.9999