SCR-26 Multilateration (MLAT)

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The SCR-26 MLAT multilateration airport surface surveillance system is designed for the airport surface and approach airspace surveillance, wide area flight route surveillance and aircraft height maintenance performance monitoring, which can effectively overcome the disturbance caused by clutter and climate and provide the airport overall traffic information.


Technical Features:
    ● Support the deployment and administration of flight routes.
    ● Large capacity target processing technology.
    ● The data rate is about five times as higher as the conventional secondary radar system.
    ● Low-altitude airspace coverage without blind zone.
    ● Independent measurement on target height.
    ● Low-cost and flexible system configuration.
    ● High reliable system to support all-day operating.
    ● Remote receiving station with low power consumption.
    ● High capacity inquiry and advanced target processing.
    ● Support full passive silent work.


Main Performance Specification:
Operating mode: Mode S, Mode A/C 
Operating frequency: Transmitting: 1030MHz 
                               Calibration and receiving: 1090MHz 
Airspace detection: Airport surface; wide area ≥230km (Pd=95%) 
Accuracy (r.m.s): ≤7.5m 
Data rate: 1 time/sec 
Working temperature: Outdoor: -40℃~+55℃ 
                                 Indoor: 10℃~+35℃ 
Data output format: Meeting the standards of ASTERIX CAT010 
Reliability: MTBCF ≥30000h 
Availability: ≥0.9999