SCR-25 Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

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The SCR-25 Airport surface movement radar is designed to detect the moving and stationary targets within the active area of the airport and monitor the targets in non-active area, with high range and azimuth resolution.


Technical Features:
    ● Inverse cosecant square pattern antenna ensures effective detection from the tower of various heights.
    ● Full-solid state transmitter for easy installation and maintenance, and low life-cycle costs.
    ● Large dynamic receiver ensures a full range of effective monitoring for all kinds of targets.
    ● Frequency diversity and frequency agility improves the detection probability and accuracy.
    ● High data rate: the minimum speed of the antenna of 60rev/min is required to realize the airport information update in

    ● The capabilities of target identification, high resolution and high positioning accuracy are realized. Real aperture imaging

       technique is adopted for imaging processing on targets. A large bandwidth signal and large size antenna are used to

       realize high resolution of range and azimuth.
    ● High security, high reliability and strong environmental adaptability are realized to support all-day operations.


Main Performance Specification:
Frequency range: Ku-band
Detection range: (Pd=0.9, Pfa=10-6, σ=2m2, category SW-I targets)
      Range: 150m~5500m (sunny)
                 150m~3600m (16mm/h rainy)
      Height: 60m
      Azimuth: 360°
      Range: 3m (imaging resolution is 3m, the ability to distinguish between two targets is 7.5m)
      Azimuth: 0.25°
Positioning accuracy: 10m 
Antenna rotation speed: 60rad/min
Reliability: MTBCF≥30000h
Availability: ≥0.9999