1. General

Miniature perimeter monitoring radar can accurately measure target range, azimuth and angle simultaneously with the ability of observing and tracking human or vehicle target within the scope of complex terrain under clutter background in hundreds of meters. Radar head is of networking observation ability and able to build a powerful peripheral virtual alert wall, which is characterized by all-weather, all-day, extremely precise and high data rate, low FAR, non-response rate, integration and low cost etc. Combined with traditional video monitoring technology, this radar can greatly improve the efficiency and performance of monitoring, reducing guard workload.


2. Typical Application Scenario

·Fixed important perimeter surveillance

Perimeter surveillance for prison, power plants, factories, government agencies and  military facilities.

·Mobile important perimeter surveillance

Rapid perimeter protection for war, military compound

·Region surface surveillance·

Surface surveillance for traffic intersection, factories, ports, tunnel and other small area.


3. Main Technical Features

·Good detecting performance of small targets in clutter area

Radar has excellent improvement factor, strong target detection ability of small /slow target under complex terrain background. It adapts the complex topography on human, vehicle target surface monitoring.

·Fine target positioning, measuring and tracking ability

Radar positioning accuracy is better than 0.5 meter, angle measuring accuracy is better than 1 degree, speed measuring precision is better than 0.2 m/s, data update rate is as high as 10 Hz. It is able to undertake real-time positioning and tracking of the target.

·Multi Target detecting and tracking ability

Radar uses range, azimuth, rate joint resolution technology, with the ability of detecting and tracking target at the same time within a certain region.

·All-weather, high reliability, free maintenance, low cost

Radar is operating at Ku band. It adopts miniaturization, high integration design with protection grade IP66, solid-state devices, and it is all-weather operating without consumables or maintenance during the whole life cycle.


4.Technical Specifications




Radar Type

Multi-frequency CW Doppler system

Operating Frequency


Detecting Target

Pedestrian, Vehicle, etc.

Detecting Element

Velocity, Range, Azimuth

Data Upgrade Rate


Detecting Range





Velocity Detecting Range


Angle Range


Detecting Accuracy


<2.5% or<0.5m