The intelligent decision-making system is a GIS and event handling model-based decision-making platform. It can obviously display such required social resources as public security, fire extinguishing, hospital and schools to assist the high authorities to make decisions. In case of emergency event, the leaders can dispatch the police nearby to the incident scene and well organize the treatment according to the quantity and injuries of the wounded in connection with the nearby hospital, thus effectively saving the time for rescue and emergency treatment. When ensuring a major event, the system can display the positions and safety of motorcade, informing the accurate time of arrival at the next crossroad.

In the emergency decision-making supporting system for the international conference, most data are related to the location, such as all kinds of information recourse distribution in city, the trend of emergency and all the information of emergency resources, etc. Therefore, the GIS-based visualization analysis plays an important role in the decision-making support.



 GPS vehicle location GPS vehicle location displays the real-time location of all the vehicles for the international conference, and inquires the historical track of the vehicles in order to manage and dispatch the vehicles conveniently.

Remote technical service system can provide comprehensive after-sales service for the whole urban security system. The technical assistance service system is based on internet or satellite communication.