Various communication measures can ensure timely and accurate site information transmission to command center in case of devastating attack.


Based on the actual requirements, the wire/optical-fiber, WiMAX transmission system, satellite communication, HF/U/VHF communication system, GSM/GPRS communication system and trunking communication system can be established to provide multiple communication channels for image, data and voice communication. The multiple communication systems are mutually backup to each other to ensure the effective data transmission for the major activities or important meetings.


Fixed command and control center adopts the functions of monitoring image display, alarm processing, communication and dispatching.
The national security center (NSC) adopts multi-function convenient cable/wireless communication equipment and accurately-described display system which has intuitive-image based on the high-speed, stable, extensible network system and data information system. The main applications are command and dispatch system, duty inquiring system, GIS system, GPS system, digital recording system, etc.  The national security center can ensure the development needs of the safe and stable society, improve the capability of the fast-response, improve the working efficiency and level of auxiliary decision
The command center is composed of: Network interconnection subsystem; Host, storage subsystem; Cable/wireless dispatch subsystem; Video display subsystem; GIS subsystem; GPS subsystem; Door access subsystem; Command/operation consoles Centralized control subsystem; PS support subsystem.