The ground control/monitoring system is used for prevention, real time detection and blowing tracking illegal and criminal elements. Through browsing and recording the control/monitoring images, the relevant departments can obviously be aware of security dynamic situations of each hotel and venue roads, motorcade, entrance/exit of hotel, meeting place and airport, thereby improving the security management level of the whole city.
It mainly includes CCTV surveillance(multi-target dynamic tracking system) and City gate.

CCTV Surveillance is an intelligent high-speed video paparazzi, identification and analysis processing system in a large area. The system can be deployed at the airport, hotel, meeting place and along the main roads to automatically record and analyze the clear video pictures. In case of abnormal situation, it will automatically alarm to foresee the criminal elements. The video camera PTZ can be controlled manually and the control/monitoring video information will be transmitted automatically. In addition, some important control/monitoring regions can be set and the protection time segments can be set. In the protection time segment, the personnel entering and leaving the region will be tracked and alarmed. 

The security gates can be deployed in different main roads from airport to hotels to record information automatically such as license plate number, time and speed parameters of vehicles passing through the security gate and report the obtained information to the higher level.

 E-police: Automatic identification of illegal vehicle Automatic information record of illegal vehicle Automatic information report of illegal vehicle