Smart public security solution highly integrates video monitoring system, communication system and business system 

to build an unified urban grid management platform, on which can coordinate various resources such as police & fire, 

traffic, health care & medical, and other related authorities.  So as to realize unified command & control and take in 

action after prompt response to emergencies among regions, departments and disaster recovery teams.

Facing the challenges in the process of the construction for Safe City, SUN CREATE takes BWS  City Operation System 

(BWSCOS) as the core of profession, develops and researches the system solution including data access, transmission, 

storage, management, analysis and application. It integrates actual application for supplying with the decision support 

service based on video big data correlation analysis including security administration, city management, traffic management, emergence commanding, forming a whole public security system of integration with effective offense, defense, 

control, and management.

1. Standard Video Access System: adopts transmission protocol of ONVIF and H.264 CODEC mode, and make rapid and     effective access of all kinds of video source and the third-party board;
2. Cloud Storage System Structure of City Level Video Big Data: with the help of cloud storage technology, adopts N+0     alterable on-line cluster mode ;
3. Security Defense with Deliberation and Stability: according to the principle of closing to a ring and conflating to a net,     it adopts security defense with fine grit;
4. Big Data Support and Sub-millisecond Respond: adopts Hadoop technology building big data platform, deeply detect     the valuable information behind the grand volume of videos;
5. Effective Management and Practical Design: sticking to public security application, it designs practical 5     core application system and 3 application system to comfort the requirements to the public security and other units.