The coverage of the communication network extends continuously, in this way the stations are far away from the power grid, and the cost of power access is higher. The energy consumption of the equipments in base station cost 90%, and the percentage of other equipments of core net and web managing is less than 10%.


Emergency power supply requires a mass of labor, materials and financial resources.  Remote areas with poor transportation and power generally adopt double oil machine power supply, which increases the daily operation cost of the base station.



The hybrid system generates electricity by taking advantage of two kinds mutual complementation nature source—solar and wind, ”Solar panel and wind turbo leads, diesel generator assists”. It supply loads, and store liberal power into battery. It is a new type power system.


     Wind turbo—Transform wind power to DC power;

    Solar panel—Transform solar power to DC power;

    Battery—Store power;

    Diesel generator—Backup power;

    Controller—Stabilize output power of the system;

    Inverter—Transform DC to AC power, and supply loads;





The system collects power generated by wind turbine and solar panel array through appropriative controller, and then store the power into battery bank, realize the function of voltage stabilizingpower storage including inverter supply users stable DC or AC power.


The advantage of WSO Generation System are shown belown:

The resource of wind energy and solar energy is abundant, with low construction cost and little maintenance work, which can reduce the composite cost of the network design.

The operation of solar generation is simple, economical, energy efficient and environmental. It also possesses the advantage of long service life, reliable performance and relatively low maintenance cost. The electricity can be supplied for 24 hours and be in continuous use for 5-7 days under the rainy weather.

Regarding wind, solar and oil generation system, the wind energy can be complementary with the solar energy in the aspect of the time and space.