Sun Create Won the Bid of 7 ATC Radars


Recently, Sun Create was informed by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) that we won the bid of 7 sets of ATC (Air Traffic Control) radars, including 6 sets of SSRs (Secondary Surveillance Radar) and 1 set of PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar) & SSR combined system, which will be deployed in Taiyuan (capital city of Shanxi Province) International Airport, the total amount of above radar package is around USD 12M.


During the past 3 years, Sun Create has deployed 3 sets of PSRs, which are located in Changchun (capital city of Jilin Province) International Airport, Guiyang (capital city of Guizhou Province) International Airport and Urumqi   (capital city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)International Airport respectively, as well as several SSRs both in China and abroad.